"Notley Hawkins redefines a contemporary regionalist vision. Skillful compositions reveal emotional depth in common scenes of American life."
Judy Rifka, Artist, New York City.

"Notley Hawkins is one of our favorite photographers, definitely in the top three. He has an uncanny eye for composition, and his work is beautiful. He's also a pleasure to work with. Just look at about every other Missouri Life cover, and you'll see why we love Notley."
Danita Allen Wood, Editor, Missouri Life Magazine.

"I'm a huge fan of wide-angle shots - but it's not easy making photographs with wide-angle lenses. Notley makes it look easy - but look closely - he controls the frame and shows us what he wants us to see in the frame. It takes real skill to do what Notley does -- I look forward to each new image from him -- I especially love the low-angle filling station shots - they are simply magical."
Bob Smith, Photographer, whereeverigo.com.

"As a journalist, I've seen thousands of photos that 'capture the scene.' Notley's photos are among the very few that instead depict what I looked at, but never saw."
Clyde Bentley, Professor of Journalism, University of Missouri.

"Notley knows how to get down low. There's always drama in his skies. He knows the value in reflection and movement. He knows when the moment is right. He knows light. He just knows."
Troy Paiva, Photographer, Lost America.

"Notley Hawkins’ photographs give us a world of extraordinary beauty in ordinary settings. After spending time with his work, we return to our lives with fresh eyes and a renewed sense of wonder and gratitude. A true artist."
Benedict Hughes, Poet, Midland Michigan.